Tracking a Cold Front

Between 17 UTC and 18 UTC time (Which is 11a and 12p, LittleRock, AR Time) a Cold Front passed through Little Rock, Arkansas. This is evident as at this time the tempature dropped from 71F to 56F in less than an hour and eventually to 40F. The winds also shifted from S/SSW winds to NW/NNW winds. The precipitation increased in the same time frame, the pressure starts to rise, and the clouds were very low.

The pictures below supports and illustrates my reasoning.

This shows dramatic changes in conditions between 17 and 18 UTC Time

And this was recorded at 1800Z or 18 UTC, in which the Cold Front has just passed Little Rock

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  1. spelee07 says:

    Reflection — This assignment was particularly very interesting the more I looked into it. At first, I was feeling overwhelmed with all the instructions. But after looking over it and following it carefully. I found a lot of enlightening features in which the material in class actually helped me understand what the weather is doing. Also, understanding the power of a Cold Front and exactly what it brings really made a practical experience as I observed how it affected Little Rock. I don’t see myself becoming a weatherman in the future, but this was certainly very exciting. I am now much more likely to forecast weather for myself and help predict for what I need to prepare for.

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