Born This Way

Nurture and nature — Two things that shape how people are. Nature affects individuals regardless of the decisions that they make. Whereas, nurture may or may not affect people depending on whether they choose to be influenced or not. Some notions or thoughts are difficult to escape their influence. Also, much of what people are born with can be bothersome. Just as these two words sound similar when spoken, people tend to also confuse the concepts and the intended meaning of these words. To clarify, it is undeniable that children acquire many physical traits from their parents. This is nature accomplishing its intent at birth. On the other hand, what people invest their time in and where their interests lie often depend on the influence that they choose to be affected by. This is where nurture is able to shape lives without being ingrained in genes. Even still, there are certain circumstances where an action is difficult to determine what causes such to exist. One such circumstance would be whether or not an individual becomes attracted to the same gender.

Now, to reflect on the potential that genes and nature have to bring about such behavior. Naturally, people feel attracted in a lot of ways. This feeling is incredibly powerful. So, it appears that that nature steers a course to seek out company in the interest of love. Love is universal, just as people love their parents, people may also feel this way towards any other individual. So, it seems natural to allow this feeling to reach just about any person willing to embrace this affection. Some would have society believe that genes have a role in the potential of an intimate attraction towards either opposite or same gender. But, this idea is not quite popular and not accepted in many places.

With just as much potential, nurture can also determine where people stand. Through nurture language, manners, and the beliefs become “second-nature.” It may be plausible that same-sex attraction is attributed through an exposure of ideas and thoughts from other individuals or groups. Some people take notice that it may not be dependent on genetics and stress the fact of little evidence leading people to believe that people are born with a certain orientation. However, it can go the other way as it cannot yet be disproved if this behavior is the result of genetics.

Both nurture and nature are powerful forces guiding how people live their lives. Potentially, nature can be a plausible cause for the feelings and behavior of universal attraction. And with so many ideas and notions about, nurture as well has a large impact on how lives are. So, both nature and nurture drives how lives are spent, but only one can explain the same-sex attraction. Though the idea that the intimate attraction towards another of the same sex is thought to be an aspect of nature by many, it flies into the face of logic and reason. No one is simply born gay.

There is the debate that genetics actually have a role in a person’s sexual orientation. There is little to nothing supporting this theory. And it is true that the ability to disprove this theory does not exist. But, that is irrelevant. By nature, creatures must reproduce to preserve the continuity of a species. This idea of same-sex attraction implies that humans are becoming a self-destructing species, making the notion completely illogical. Also, it should be stressed that it makes more sense that people and their thoughts and feelings are influenced by the ideas of others. It is much more logical to say that society has influenced others to invest into the idea of being attracted to another of the same sex.

By definition, attraction means that one object attracts another, bringing it closer. It does not necessarily mean to be exclusively interpreted to the attraction by way of intimacy. People seem to confuse the idea of attraction and narrow it to a more intimate way, by excusing that the feelings should drive who people become. In no way is this right. If this piece of advice is followed, it will disturb the peace, shaping the world with a plethora of diverse feelings. There are both clean and unclean feelings. By merely being guided by feelings, chaos would erupt, greed would squander the weak, and lust and anger would jeopardize the continuity of humanity. So, to simply be driven by feelings alone is not at all ideal. Feelings are merely a reaction to anything people experience. The only thing that keeps this chaos at bay is morals. In short, morals are designed to hold back harmful feelings and promote more appropriate behavior. Lately, it seems, that people are more than ready to trade morals and dignity just to fit in.

Relating to that matter, there is reason to believe that this idea is becoming a dangerous trend. And with most trends, people don’t want to feel like they are left out. Trends are essentially the sociological engine for a growing culture promoting unity. However, they are not all healthy. And sometimes, these trends can be difficult to stop as they tend to introduce more interesting and “refreshing” ideas. This does not justify the means to become sexually attracted to another of the same sex. This idea is simply a dangerous and a cancerous sociological disease.

Another reason that this idea is nothing to encourage, is that is disrupts the elemental structure of the family unit. Oftentimes, the head of a family consists of a husband and wife being of legal marriage between a man and woman. Religion has a large part in this, as marriage was instituted by religion. But, people often innovate this idea to expand to their wishes, even if it goes against what churches had previously designed it to be. Also, it is common knowledge among mature adults that procreation or reproduction can only happen between a male and female. The idea that same-sex attraction is acceptable destroys the purpose of the intimate love reserved for between husband and wife. Some would even call the idea of same-sex attraction most abominable above all else.

With all that goes on, it is really something to let this idea penetrate society this deeply. And it is difficult to see how far this will go, as this idea is becoming more aggressive, pervasive, and disconcerting as ever. It should be taken notice that this decision to be attracted to another is fully reliant on how people react to their environment, situation, and morals. Morals are extremely important as they help maintain dignity and civility throughout society. And they should not be yielded in favor of trends, as that will likely only lead to corrosive attitudes and cancerous ideas. Strictly speaking, this kind of attraction should only be reserved for between a man and a woman.

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1 Response to Born This Way

  1. spelee07 says:

    After my prior essay, I assumed that I would be more prepared for the next. In, part, I suppose that is true. Yet, the rough draft was again rushed due to procrastination. Although, I don’t feel like I regret that choice. My effort to slap drivel madly inserting ideas seems to work well with my writing style. After reading my rough draft to others, I get a sense of where I am heading and thinking throughout the paper. I then use more meaningful words and descriptions to elaborate on the raw thoughts I poured out onto the essay. Though, it may be granted to be more efficient I need to “procrastinate” earlier, so as to catch the most obvious mistakes. Also, it might be beneficial to resort to the studies and writings of other prior and during writing. Sometimes, I suppose, there may be an insightful and enlightening piece of work that reveals more of the thoughts and effects of ideas.
    The topic, I chose, is most certainly a very controversial topic. After all, the idea of being gay or lesbian has been cropping up very quickly at this time. For the most part, I tend to steer away from such as this, reserving it for more personal communications. But, I thought it would be most ideal to write about it, since I am very much one-sided on this issue. The topic of being born gay is really a disturbing thought, that I can’t believe is being spread about. Just about anything can be considered a trend or a statement. Same-sex attraction, I think, is a very poisonous trend. It is probably one of the most destructive trends, In my own opinion. Also, being born and taught in the LDS Church, I have formed a very strong and immovable idea concerning the proper order of marriage. From my position, this homosexual behavior is a cancer to the Earth, and is something that must stop. I could go on and on about this, but it is ultimately up to choice of the reader to discern and find the answer. And I have little say in the matter of the choices of others, so I can only subject them to my opinions and what I believe to be truth. I do hope that those who read this understand my feelings and intent.
    However, I would relay my thoughts on the distinction of where my words are aimed at. I can see many people reading this, and ready to be armed with comments such as “YOU HATE GAYS” or others of the like. Never did I say anything about hating people who invest into this awful trend. In fact, I’d rather treat them as such as others. My words are intended with the feeling to awaken the society to this horrid idea. But some would take offense on behalf of this and regard it as hate towards the person encouraging the idea. I cannot offend you, you have to take offense. But, I’d rather you not take offense. Rather, this essay to help people ponder and question this idea and try to make sense of it all. I have respect to those to honestly consider the ideas of others and takes time to understand both sides to discover the truth. Again, I love the people, but discourage the idea of homosexuality. Man is man, and woman is woman. The distinctions are meant to be clear to understand the roles of husband and wife.

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