The Power of Games

Video games are everywhere. It believed that over 75 percent of American youth have video game consoles in their home, with 40 percent on a typical day where they play them (Glazer, CQ Researcher). Some dedicate more time than others, but overall the powerful influence of video games is very much real. Some games are focused on violent expression whereas others aim to educate and instruct the player or students through simple interaction. I think it is reasonable to discern, that games are neither good or bad on its own, rather, games are a tool for the developer to make something of their own design and vision. Video games can be engineered to be an outstanding benefit to people of all sorts.

Work Cited

Glazer, Sarah. “Video games.” CQ Researcher, 16, 937-960. (2006, November 10). Web. 13 Sep 2011.

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The Power of Games

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  1. spelee07 says:

    Writing is always interesting to me. Every time I write, it is different and always carries some frustration with it. Being able to write on a more even time was never a strength of mine. Most of my writing comes at the last moment flooded with ideas and opinions. At one point, I felt like giving up, feeling uninspired to continue. The professor that had taken place of Bailey, when she was away, caused quite a stirring of thought; almost to the point of confusion.
    Editing was also interesting. For me, it is hard to ignore criticism, and often besets me if I find their remarks to be invalid, or as I would believe. Despite my own opinion, the peer-edit gave me an idea to how the reader interprets my writing. With my own style, I can hardly be bothered to stick with one style for long. Although I may have a similar pattern in my writing, I always try to restructure how I organize and present data.
    Research is heavily used in the topic of my choice. Video games, has a lot of logic and information about it. Likewise, the creativity of design inspired a part of my work to invoke a more relaxed attitude about video games; while still holding strong to its core concept. The most frustrating part of writing, is my own discipline in writing. Often, I procrastinate and push aside smaller assignments to deal or rather accumulate stress. I can be fairly stubborn, but it eventually turns out.
    I have a lot to work on. Patience. Mostly, patience with myself, for I like to attempt to take on multiple tasks at once without consideration about my ability to manage it all. Focus. My ability to focus depends on the urgency and stress of the task. Often, if I see it as far off goal, I set it aside until when it draws near. I need to plan ahead and work on the task progressively, so that I may have a better understanding of my own writing. Writing is both a pain and a thrill.

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