Mitt Romney and Social Media

Mitt Romney’s presence on social media in no way trumps Barack Obama’s influence, but just enough to be proficient in its capabilities. Using the WaybackMachine, I discovered’s earliest instance in 2002, as a very bland and static page. Searching through 2007/2008, it became much more appealing and offered far more information. It was in 2011 time frame, that I noticed the site started implementing social media into political purposes. Albeit, there was a small link on the 2002 website to Mitt’s Blogpost ( ), the site now involves more channels such as Facebook likes, a Twitter follow button, and separate share buttons (facebook, twitter, google+) for the more specific stories and interests. Flickr is also included, though not as of big of a focus. The use of displaying the social media channels seemed appealing, and the layout serves well to help me understand where I should expect the information to be.

Now, if I were to compare the frequency that Mitt Romney’s campaign social media channels against Barack Obama’s, clearly Obama’s tweets are thrice that of Romney’s.  Instead of retweeting, as frequently Obama does, Romney’s Twitter stream uses mentions to draw attention to Obama’s account.  Social Media diversion seems to be the tactic on Twitter, but Obama seems to have already been proven popular on that site, so it is curious.  Additionally, much of the Twitter content are either quick quips on the topic at hand, or links to relating articles.

It is always difficult to see if the tweets come from an agency or from the person himself.  Though it is worded to sound as if it comes from Mitt Romney himself, you’d have to consider the stakes and reputation that comes with the convenience of micro-blogging.  There would have to be some measure of consultation and guidance to help communicate the best message under the name that many people are watching for.

By casual observation, I find there are a lot of interesting portions, or rather, focuses that come to mind going over the social media channels.  Much of the campaigning in social media directs attention to Barack Obama.  Granted that one should probably identify the current president’s blind spots and missteps, it becomes a bit more to share thoughts and pick apart the issues on the public and searchable web.  Whatever the use, if proves to be an effective, although minor, front on social media to identify directly to the faltering issues of Obama’s current term results.

Aside from Twitter, Romney has stake in various other social media sites.  Aside from the main content of the page, there are a summary of links on the bottom of the page.  Listing : Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Flickr, Spotify, Tumblr, and Youtube.

Overall, for being the Republican candidate of the 2012, the social media is adequately using to distributing news and ideas.  Yet, it pales in comparison to Obama’s seemingly warm approach to the wide audience that Twitter provides.  There is room and opportunities to improve Romney’s standing in social media, especially in the respects of personal connection, but it is just adequate to satisfy the minimum.

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