Lifelong Wellness and Jogging

I learned a significant amount in this class. I liked how stretching after a workout relieves tension built up during the activity. And there was a considerable amount of info shared on different body measurements to help appropriate an effective workout using an understanding of muscle, fat and BMR. It was also pretty neat focusing on the different muscle groups and applying different stretches to get the most out of stretching.

I am going to apply what I learned from class and establish healthy habits. I am also going to make certain to change how I exercise as I improve to make the most from exercise. Additionally, I will apply what I learned about nutrition, and help build a diet that will maximize wellness. This way, it will compliment my abilities and it will help me achieve my goals all around.

I intend to help improve my body in a way that improves all other aspects of my life. As a sort of confidence builder, I aim to continue exercising to simply achieve goals and make myself stronger in body, mind, and spirit. Often, I find myself at my desk programming or drawing. Recently, through exercising, I notice my focus improving, my mood more optimistic, more energy to expend and a lot of other things.

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