The Internet Cloud – A Brief Summary

The internet cloud services are becoming more prevalent in the age of information sharing. I’ve been using a couple for quite some time, but I will summarize my feelings and how I use a couple of my favorite cloud services.

Google drive is a very flexible service. Not only does it integrate Google Documents directly, it connects to nearly all facets of Google. I primarily use it to store documents and to collaborate on them. It is especially handy in document collaboration, as you can see the participating user’s cursor and see the document update live. I currently use it to set up design documents for games I collaborate with.

Dropbox is the first reliable service I had subscribed to. It is very handy, and it is easy to share files and to exchange and collaborate with other people. I love some of the promos where Dropbox awards storage for various activities; most recently the “Space Race”. I primarily use the Dropbox service as a file-hosting site for some of my games I made for UgLee Games.

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