NinjaBee and Social Media

I’ve personally been looking at NinjaBee for a time, so specifically in this post I will elaborate on my perspective concerning NinjaBee’s use of Social Media.

Firstly, using the WayBack Machine.  It can be interesting to see how NinjaBee progressed through years.  The earliest instance that registered on the WayBack Machine is September 2004.  The only forms of contact is through an email and the forums.  Around mid 2010, NinjaBee implemented a variety of new social features to cater to some of the rising applications on the web.  These features in the 2010 version of the site included a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account, and a Blogger blog.  As it is now, it is mostly the same, only with the social buttons scaled down in button size.

Next, the strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Various services used
  2. Used frequently
  3. Rich Content


  1. Minimal tag usage, they could take advantage of hot and relevant topics
  2. Incomplete and nearly unlisted Google+
  3. That Google+ account actually links to a seemingly unrelated YouTube account
  4. The lack of a link to its official YouTube channel is curious

I actually can’t find any other immediate weaknesses.  So, otherwise, NinjaBee seems to have a solid grasp on social media and how to maximize its potential.

When I say they know how to maximize it, I’ve been looking carefully through their activity on these web applications.  Their blogs are very consistent since 2009, posting handfuls of posts throughout each year.  Each time, filling a page or more with rich content on news, reviews, and any other thing that NinjaBee finds to be relative to their interests.  The NinjaBee Twitter feed is very healthy, often posting several times a day.  It may skip days at time, but it seems to satisfy its followers effectively, often replying to followers in loose, but still professional manner.  And its Facebook page seems to carry mostly strict news concerning the small business, providing media and interaction to its fans.  Redundancy is kept to a very minimum, only highlighting very specific concerns and important information, in which NinjaBee uses all channels to broadcast an identical message to ensure social media coverage.  Most of the linking refers to simple and mildly amusing pictures illustrating the lifestyle within NinjaBee.

As for how the social media is managed and who, it seems NinjaBee has a dedicated person to organize the PR and Marketing.  This is his personal account on Twitter.  I would assume since the NinjaBee team is relatively small, that this lone worker operates all of NinjaBee’s presence on these social media channels.  Again, since NinjaBee is small, and for the fact that they make games, they are relatively lighthearted and frequently take advantage of the features that promotes follower interaction.

On the website itself, the only implementation there is, is simply buttons to link to their social media channels.  It could benefit to implement, a like button, a twitter feed, a RSS widget listing their blog entries, and perhaps an embedded playlist from YouTube to showcase their work.

Overall, NinjaBee seems fairly adept at using Social Media to project its image on the web.  The way they use the web based applications, makes themselves very handy, entertaining, informative, and helpful.  A little refinement and a few more services attached to the website, and it would be awesome.

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